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A Page About Me

Greetings Transfans,

Trans you for stopping by! I am James Conan Gouig AKA Deceptichop or The Chop Man. I am a freelance illustrator and an artist, and of course, a die hard Transfanatic. Pictured starting from the left is Richimus Shultzitron, Peter Cullen (yes, Optimus Prime) and myself.

I have an absolute ridiculous passion and love for the Transformers. It all started back in 1984 at a small “Ma and Pa” store in Twain Harte California. I was just 6 years old when my Dad bought me a MISB prerub (car mode) Windcharger. It then just absolutely snowballed from there.

It was back in August 1986, I was mesmorized by TF the movie in the movie theater at the Hayward Ca. Festival Cinemas. At the beginning of the film, Ironhide asks Optimus “when are we going to start bustin deceptichops?” At the time, I thought that was hilarious. And since I always pull for Megatron and the Decepticons anyway, I figured that would be my Nickname.

I was an only child and the Transformer toys were like my siblings :) But the funny thing was that instead of playing with the toys, I would find myself as a child just staring at the awesome front and back artwork on the toy packaging!!

I have a feeling that I will be drawing these things until Im like 120 years old