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Transformers and EVERYTHING transformers are owned by Hasbro. I wished I owned like at least 1% of them :)

All my Transformers art I compose by hand with pencils on 18x24" paper. From there , I color with colored pencils, ink, markers, and or Photoshop. My TF artwork is extremely time consuming, but most importantly I love EVERY astro second of it!

*Viewing the images of my prints on your computer monitor do them absolutely NO justice. These babies need to be viewed LARGE, you know, Fort Max (or Unicron) style!

Unfortunately, my originals are NOT for sale. Also, my commissioned pieces are not available for prints. And yes, I do commissions , just hit the "contact me" button for different pricing possibilities. However, the good news is that prints (reproductions) are available. My prints are NOT mass produced (which lose value.) I purposely limit my prints to just 150 pieces on Earth. (which can gain value.) Each print is on real fancy gloss paper , and the sizes are 18"x24". If you would like a size larger than 18x24 please contact me first for pricing. AND if you'd like a black (or any color) border up to 3" around added, just let me know. To really get a true feel of my work, I HIGHLY recommend at least 24"x 30". And the watermarks (FORTRESSMAXIMUS.COM across the image) is removed for the prints upon purchase. I have to add that watermark to the image for my protection from the bad guys. Unfortunately, I have had people steal my art before.

The reason why my prints are more expensive then other TF artwork is for two reasons: First my work is NOT MASS PRODUCED and are limited. And secondly, my prints are very expensive to have printed out. And a super awesome thing is that if you purchase more than one 18"x24" print, then I can give you 10% on the second, 25% off of the third, and OMG! 50% off of the forth!! (except for WhatIfPart 4)

My work will be shipped to you Priority in a poster tube via USPS and if you are in the US, shipping is free. International shipping is available, but contact me first for pricing. I ONLY accept Paypal. The reason I do not have Paypal on this site is that it simply costs me WAY too much to have it. Also, if you use Paypal we are BOTH protected if anything would to go wrong. And finally, if you were to purchase a print I GUARANTEE the transaction will be FLAWLESS because ultimately I want you to come back for more!

Thank you,
-The Chop Man