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What If Part 1


What If Part 1, The Prevention
This piece was what got me back into drawing Transformers. I took like 15 years off :)
After 9/11 I thought to myself "What If" the Autobots were there, that morning. They would of easily prevented 9/11" I then decided to draw it out to what you see here.

There are 53 Autobots in What If Part1 ! Have fun trying to point them out :)
If you were at Botcon 2009 you got to see this baby printed out at a MONSTEROUS 50"x40"!!!
Ive been told that this is a very special piece.

limited worldwide to only 150 prints. The prints are 18"x24" and are numbered and of course signed by me. And YES, 53 Autobots in here, and Gesaults count as only one! There is SO much to see in here. But be careful, because it will suck you in! And dont upset FortMax because he might beat you up. This art should be printed no smaller than 30"x36""

Price: $99.00